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Youth Swimming - Dauphin Dolphins and TVAC Penguins
17 area swimmers advance to
season finale - Mid-Caps
Compiled by Logann Baylor

Dauphin's Paige Heck swims in the Girls 11-12 100 Freestyle. (Photo by Todd Gearhart)

ANNVILLE • More than 30 area youth dove into the Annville-Cleona Community Pool July 19, having propelled their way into the Mid Penn Swim League All-Star Championship meet through their performances in Divisionals the day prior.

For some, All-Stars marked the end of the road – a summer season finale. While a few others (17 to be exact) earned one more chance to showcase their talents and hard work before the summer season ends.

Those Mid-Cap “Speedsters” – who laid it all out in the pool at the Hershey Aquatic Club Natatorium July 25 – are featured with their All-Star teammates in this issue. The final round of championship results will be printed next week.

The road to victory. Swimmers from the Twin Valley Aquatic Club and the Dauphin Swim Club (both Division C) put up their best times against all the other competitors in their division, as well as those from Division A and B, in the hopes that their efforts would grant them a ticket to All-Stars.

Teams from each of the three divisions competed among themselves July 18, but only the top 16 individual times and top eight relay team performances from throughout the entire league made it into the next championship round.

Seven girls and three boys from TVAC raced their way into the All-Star competition, while 18 girls and three boys represented the Dolphins at Annville that day.

Surviving the fierce competition, 14 Dauphin Dolphins and three TVAC Penguins trekked to Hershey for the Mid-Cap Swimming Championships.

In the head-to-head competition between the Mid Penn and Capital Area leagues, Mid-Caps saw each All-Star meet’s top eight individuals and top four relay teams awarded the opportunity to swim at the most prestigious event of the post-season.

Divisionals (C), July 18. The TVAC Penguins and Dauphin Dolphins competed against not only each other, but also against  Mountain View Swim Team and the Piranha Swim Club at the Dolphins’ home pool.

Together, the two local teams celebrated 46 total individual placements and three relay placements fast enough to advance to All-Stars.

Since all three divisions’ individual and relay place winners still had to post one of the top 16 or eight league times, respectively, in each event, positions are not included in this report.

Here’s how the Dolphins and Penguins who made it to All-Stars fared at Divisionals.

(All events are measured in meters.)


15-18 100 Individual Medley: Noah Reed, TVAC, 1:11.12; Brennan Conway, DAU, 1:14.52.

8 and Under 25 Freestyle: Jude Slover, DAU, 21.87.

11-12 50 Free: Travis Stanitis, TVAC, 36.47.

13-14 50 Free: Logan Roadcap, TVAC, 31.16.

13-14 50 Backstroke: Roadcap, 35.97.

15-18 50 Back: Conway, 31.84.

9-10 100 Free: Ryan Garvick, DAU, 1:39.34.

11-12 100 Free: Stanitis, 1:20.40.

15-18 50 Breast: Reed, 36.07.

8/U 25 Butterfly: Slover, 30.91.

11-12 50 Fly: Stanitis, 40.25.

13-14 50 Fly: Roadcap, 34.83.

15-18 50 Fly: Reed, 30.88.


13-14 100 IM: Kaitlyn Lebo, TVAC, 1:23.03; Taylor Heck, DAU, 1:27.10.

15-18 100 IM: Natalie Frantz, TVAC, 1:21.18.

8/U 25 Free: Ashley Kieffer, DAU, 18.53.

9-10 50 Free: Hanna Thrush, DAU, 41.81; Londyn Snyder, TVAC, 42.94.

13-14 50 Free: T. Heck, 32.62; Michaela Braddock, DAU, 32.90.

9-10 50 Back: Tatum Rothermel, TVAC, 51.97.

11-12 50 Back: Anna Conway, DAU, 40.25.

13-14 50 Back: Shannon Seiders, TVAC, 40.81.

15-18 50 Back: Frantz, 37.46.

9-10 100 Free: Snyder, 1:35.31; H. Thrush, 1:36.93.

11-12 100 Free: Paige Heck, DAU, 1:16.91.

13-14 100 Free: Lebo, 1:13.83; T. Heck, 1:13.90; Braddock, 1:16.02; Seiders, 1:16.81.

15-18 100 Free: Ashley Heck, DAU, 1:10.81; McKenzie Smith, TVAC, 1:13.34.

8/U 25 Breast: Laney Updegrave, DAU, 29.03.

9-10 50 Breast: Aki Rapp, DAU, 52.09; Rothermel, 52.93; Synder, 54.00.

13-14 50 Breast: Lebo, 41.75; Jessica Hoffman, TVAC, 45.77.

8/U 25 Butterfly: Kieffer, 21.10; L. Updegrave, 24.65; Haylee Hile, DAU, 26.74.

9-10 50 Fly: Rothermel, 55.97.

13-14 50 Fly: Seiders, 39.18.

11-12 200 Medley Relay: DAU – Conway, Sydney Updegrave, P. Heck and Makenna Thrush, 2:53.51.

8/U 100 Free Relay: DAU  ‘A’ – L. Updegrave, Alexis Megonnell, Hile and Kieffer, 1:31.13; DAU ‘B’ – Eleanor Slover, Brooke Zehr, Tiffany Kreiger and Brylie Snyder, 2:03.85.

9-10 200 Free Relay: DAU – Aubrey Zoellner, Madilyn Paul, H. Thrush and Rapp, 3:18.59.

11-12 200 Free Relay: DAU – M. Thrush, S. Updegrave, Conway and P. Heck, 2:26.65.

MPSL All-Stars June 19. Of the 17 local swimmers whose All-Star times were quick enough to earn them a spot in Mid-Caps, five of them got the chance to swim in more than one race at the illustrious final round championship.

From the Dolphins, Ashley Kieffer and Laney Updegrave each earned two individual nods and a relay slot, while Anna Conway and Paige Heck both grabbed one individual bid and a relay spot. TVAC’s Kaitlyn Lebo managed to snag two individual slots herself.

Whether an advancement was achieved or not, it was clear to see how much heart each swimmer put into their race. Many boasted significant time improvements – certainly not something to be scoffed at, regardless of place.

Here’s how the Dolphins and Penguins who made it to Mid-Caps fared at All-Stars.

(All events are measured in meters.)


15-18 50 Back: 6. Conway, 31.47.

13-14 50 Backstroke: 3. Roadcap, 33.49.

11-12 50 Fly: 8. Stanitis, 39.04.


13-14 100 IM: 6. Lebo, 1:20.26.

8/U 25 Free: 2. Kieffer, 17.42.

11-12 50 Back: 8. Conway, 39.40.

11-12 100 Free: 5. P. Heck, 1:15.68.

13-14 100 Free: 6. Lebo, 1:10.84.

8/U 25 Breast: 5. L. Updegrave, 27.38.

8/U 25 Fly: 2. Kieffer, 20.05; 8. L. Updegrave, 23.66.

8/U 100 Free Relay: 3. DAU – L. Updegrave, Megonnell, Hile and Kieffer, 1:24.72.

9-10 200 Free Relay: 4. DAU – Zoellner, Paul, H. Thrush and Rapp, 3:06.07.

11-12 200 Free Relay: 2. DAU – M. Thrush, S. Updegrave, Conway and P. Heck, 2:20.30.

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