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High School Sports - All-Sentinel Volleyball team
Entire Millersburg team named
Player of the Year

The 2j014 Millersburg Area High School varsity volley ball team. (Photo by Lon Zeiders)

For this year’s All-Sentinel volleyball team, the newspaper staff would like to depart from designating a single Player of the Year and, instead, name the entire Millersburg team for their efforts in making school history in many different areas this past season.

During the 2011 season, the players who were seniors this year experienced a 1-16 record. Rather than throw in the towel, they emerged with a new determination to work harder and get better. The following season (2012) saw the Indians improve to 5-13, then continued to chip away with victories in 2013, finishing 9-10.

Realizing they had the potential to go all the way to the top, the Indians set serious goals for 2014. As they celebrated victory after victory, their confidence level rose and in each match the spirit of competition was kicked up a notch, culminating in an exciting season for both the players and fans alike. 2014 saw the Indians buy in to Head Coach Rich Berg’s belief that playing to win was more important than playing not to lose.

As a result, the Indians became the first team in school history to win the Tri-Valley Athletic Association championship as well as the Schuylkill League Division III title. Then, after losing to Halifax in the Twin Valley Conference championship game, the Tribe defeated the ’Cats the following week in the opening round of District 3, Class A volleyball competition. Reaching the semifinal, Millersburg finally fell to Lititz Christian.

In all, the Lady Indians earned a 17-5 record in 2014, the best log in school history. In addition, they never lost a home match and all five losses went to the maximum number of sets allowed – five.

Individual standout players for Millersburg included senior Amber Roach, who ended the season with 1,214 assists, another school record. ‘‘She is a teachable girl with a great personality; she has a super spirit, quiet, but gentle,’’ Berg said. ‘‘As a setter, she doesn't get the recognition as many of the other players do. As a coach, we could count on her serves going over repeatedly. I believe I only saw her miss a serve twice this season.  She also led the team in serving points.” Roach ended the season with 223 points, 44 aces, 75 digs, 593 assists and 29 kills.

Senior outside hitter Samantha Hines, who played in every game and amassed 209 kills, helped give the team the unity it needed to be successful. ‘‘Sam many times acted as the lead on the team,’’ Berg said. ‘‘She would encourage, support and teach when necessary.  She has a great personality and is smart on the court. She has a great team spirit about her. Her encouragement would help bring the team together.’’ Hines also earned 130 points, 37 aces, 265 digs, 209 kills and eight assists.

Junior middle hitter Taryn Herb provided both strong blocking and hitting. ‘‘She played smart many times and led the team with 246 kills and 37 blocks,’’ Berg said. ‘‘Taryn played in every game and would hit the ball with velocity and strength. We look for Taryn to lead the team next year.’’ Herb also earned 162 points, 50 aces and 263 digs.

The Lady Indians relied on senior middle hitter Jessica Millard to make things happen. She was often known to come from the back line with a solid hard hit that careened into perfect unguarded opposing areas. ‘‘Jessica, though she is not as strong or tall as Taryn, held her own in the middle blocking field,’’ Berg said. ‘‘She played smart with her hits or pushes, and knew when to jump and certainly made a lot of digs from the back row. She is an all-around good player and has a good attitude and team spirit.’’ Millard ended the season with 123 points, 35 aces, 225 digs, 11 blocks and 100 kills.

Senior outside hitter Kelsey Koppenhaver, despite being the smallest player on the court, held her own, according to Berg. ‘‘She could hit hard, push the ball and place it where it needed to go,’’ he said. ‘‘Kelsey would be quick on her digs and saved the ball for the team many times. She has a smile on her face, great personality and super attitude.’’ Koppenhaver registered 195 points, 30 aces, 244 digs, 40 kills and four assists for the season.

Senior opposite hitter Kori Hirsch, also a solid presence on the court, rounded out the Indians’ starting line up. ‘‘Kori was a solid hitter on the court, knowing that many times when she would hit the ball, it would go in,’’ the coach said. ‘‘Her quiet personality and her hustle were her traits. Kori was an all-around good player, solid and smooth. Her numbers were near the top in digs and serves.’’ Hirsch posted 145 points, 37 aces, 210 digs, 73 kills and four assists.

The Tribe could count on senior Audra Dohrman to give the team a boost in serving when it was needed. Often coming off the bench, Dohrman was the catalyst in jump-starting the team in the serving department. Dohrman finished the season with 66 serves, 21 aces, 23 digs, three blocks and eight kills.

Additional team members who contributed in the successful season include Cheyanne Phillips, Cayla Paul and Allison and Emily Schade.

Coach of the Year: The Sentinel names Berg and his coaching staff the Volleyball Coaches of the Year for 2014.


Paige Miller, Halifax. The senior outside hitter also was a team captain and consistent all-around player, leading the ’Cats with 210 digs and 200 service points and placing second with 97 kills and third with 59 aces. "Paige always put the team above herself, showing outstanding leadership, commitment and drive,’’ said Head Coach Jackie Miller.

Amber Laudenslager, Halifax. A senior middle hitter, Laudenslager led the team with 159 kills. She added 46 aces, 19 blocks and 86 digs. ‘‘Amber is a small MH, but played big,’’ Miller said. ‘‘She attacked with power, and learned how to get around big blocks. She could be counted on to get points on the board.’’

Kendall Lehman, Halifax. Also a middle hitter, the junior played a big part in the Wildcats’ success, according to Miller. She led the team with 21 blocks, was third in kills with 87, was fourth with 49 aces and added 23 digs. ‘‘Kendall set a good example for her teammates as a strong competitor with a positive attitude,’’ Miller said.

Laura Sweger, Upper Dauphin Area. A junior middle hitter, Sweger set a new school single-season record with 250 kills and 95 blocks. ‘‘Laura had some nights when she just dominated the match with her play at the net,’’ Trojan Head Coach Terry Bowser said. ‘‘When she was on, she was very tough.  Laura really worked hard over the summer and during the season and it certainly paid dividends in the matches.’’

Taylor Brown, UDA. ‘‘This was Taylor’s second year of playing volleyball. She set a new single season record at UDA with 304 digs,’’ Bowser said of his senior outside hitter. ‘‘She was also second on the team with 104 kills. It is amazing what this girl accomplished in two years of volleyball. She accepted the challenge to dig the opposing team’s best hitters every game.’’

Colleen Kolva, UDA. A senior, Kolva was a setter. ‘‘This was Colleen's second year of starting as a setter. She led the team with 347 assists, 199 points and 63 aces,’’ Bowser said. ‘‘She was an excellent team captain along with Taylor and she really kept the team together in the latter part of the schedule when we suffered a five-game losing streak but we were able to come back and finish strong."

Maura Kreiser, Williams Valley. According to Head Coach Judy Schappe, Kreiser, a senior outside hitter,  did a great job offensively and defensively, with 108 service points and 175 attacks.

Alexis Artz, Tri-Valley. The senior libero earned 206 service points, 417 digs and 50 aces for the season.

Maddie Deibert, Tri-Valley. Deibert, a junior outside hitter, helped her team offensively with a great performance as a spiker, earning 173 kills. She also posted 205 service points, 48 aces and 183 digs.

Reagan Newswanger, Tri-Valley. A junior setter, Newswanger was critical in helping to set her teammates, earning 404 assists. She also was successful at the serving line with 260 points, included 40 aces. She added 40 digs.

Belinda Boyer, Williams Valley. A senior setter, Boyer ‘‘was the team leader and, as a setter, hustled on and off the court,’’ Schappe said. Boyer earned 88 service points, 268 assists and 52 digs.


• Autumn Capouillex, Halifax. Senior setter; 368 assists, 84 kills, 107 digs and 71 aces

• Shannon Buggy, Halifax. Senior outside hitter; 69 kills, 131 digs and 68 aces.

• Tori Lupold, Halifax. Libero; 186 digs. 

• Nichole Campbell, UDA. Senior middle hitter; second on the team with 187 points and third with 93 kills.

• Maddie Scheib, Tri-Valley. Senior middle hitter; 109 kills and 46 blocks

• Cat Troutman, Tri-Valley. Junior middle hitter; 120 kills, 35 blocks and 34 aces.

• Olivia Ancheff, Williams Valley. Senior middle hitter. A team leader, Ancheff had 198 attacks and 97 kills in 2014.

• Jenna Daniel, Williams Valley. Junior middle hitter. 156 attacks, 105 kills and 42 blocks.

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