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3 races highlight 2014 general election
Many voters will be impacted by changes made in the borders of the
104th, 107th, 108th and 125th House districts

Compiled By Duane Good

One gubernatorial, one state House and two U.S. Congressional races await Sentinel-area voters in the Fall General Election of Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Many voters will find themselves selecting candidates in a different state legislative district than before.

Thanks to court-approved redistricting, the boundaries of some districts will change effective Thursday, Jan. 1, 2015. During this year’s election cycle, residents of those districts must choose their Senate or House members based on these new borders.


104th District. Incumbent Sue Helm is being challenged by Gene Stilp.

The 104th – which had included all of northern Dauphin County – will see perhaps the most post-redistricting changes.

Locally, it will lose most of the upper end’s eastern region to the 125th District. It will retain the boroughs of Millersburg, Halifax and Dauphin as well as the townships of Upper Paxton, Halifax, Jackson, Jefferson, Wayne, Rush, Reed and Middle Paxton.

107th District. incumbent Kurt Masser is the sole candidate.

The district will gain three townships currently in the 108th District – Jordan, Washington and Upper Mahanoy – and will retain West Cameron and Zerbe.

108th District. Incumbent Lynda Schlegel-Culver is the sole candidate.

Locally, the district will retain the borough of Herndon and the townships of Lower Mahanoy, Jackson, Little Mahanoy and Lower Augusta.

125th District. Incumbent Mike Tobash is the sole candidate.

Redistricting has given the 125th five additional boroughs – Elizabethville, Berrysburg, Gratz, Lykens and Williamstown; and five townships – Washington, Mifflin, Lykens, Wiconisco and Williams.

All existing municipalities in the Tri-Valley and Williams Valley school districts will be retained.


No seats are up for election this year in any state Senate race affecting the Sentinel-area.

However, redistricting changed the borders in three districts (current representative in parenthesis).

• The 15th (Rob Teplitz) will now include all of Dauphin County.

• The 27th (John Gordner) loses its Dauphin County territory but retains all its represented areas in Northumberland County, including the Line Mountain School District.

• The 29th (David Argall) will retain all current areas, including the entire Tri-Valley and Williams Valley regions.

• The 48th (Mike Folmer) no longer will include any Dauphin County municipalities.


11th District. Incumbent Lou Barletta is being challenged by Andy Ostroski.

Through the Congressional redistricting that took effect in 2013, the 11th includes all of Dauphin and Northumberland counties.

17th District. Incumbent Matt Cartwright is being challenged by David J. Moylan.

The 2013 redistricting eliminated Dauphin County from the 17th but retained all of Schuylkill County.


Incumbent Tom Corbett is being challenged by Tom Wolf.

Lieutenant governor candidates are Jim Cawley (Corbett) and Michael J. Stack III (Wolf).


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