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This Week's Headline News

State officials: Wildfire
danger remains high

At a time when local anglers and other residents are venturing into woodland areas for recreation, state officials issued a reminder that the risk of fire danger is at its worst during this time of year.

‘‘One act of carelessness could prove disastrous among tinder-dry conditions in some of our forests, where wildfire dangers climb with each day of sun and wind,’’ according to Ellen Ferretti, secretary for the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Open fires are forbidden in areas including the Weiser State Forest – which encompasses Dauphin, Northumberland, Schuylkill and several other counties – when officials label the fire danger level as high, very high or extreme.

‘‘Many large, destructive wildfires occurred (earlier in April) across Pennsylvania, damaging buildings and hundreds of acres of forestland,’’ Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry Chief Forest Fire Warden Randy White stated recently. ‘‘We remind folks to be careful with campfires and take the proper precautions.’’

Those precautions include:

• Clear the area around the fire prior to starting it.

• Keep the fire small and never leave it unattended.

• Before striking a campfire match, first consider if conditions are too warm, dry or windy for a fire and if the surrounding area is free of leaves and other combustibles.

• Make sure there is a ready source of water nearby and a rake to extinguish any embers that might escape.

•  When extinguishing a fire, continue to apply water until all ashes are cold to the touch.

White said lack of green foliage in the spring; low humidity; and sunny, windy days all increase chances of forest and brush fires spreading.

‘‘Such fires are almost always traced to human carelessness,’’ he said.

Almost 10,000 acres of state forest are burned by wildfires each year, and almost 85 percent of all fires in Pennsylvania woodlands occur during the months of March, April and May.

State officials said the majority of these fires threaten people and their homes, as well as trees and wildlife.

Landowners are urged to check with local municipalities to see if outdoor burning is permitted, and to avoid entirely (or use extreme caution) when burning trash and debris, one of the most common causes of wildfires.

As of press time, a burn ban was in effect in Schuylkill County until Sunday, May 4.

Residents also are advised to create ‘‘safe zones’’ around homes and cabins by removing leaves and other debris from the ground and rain gutters; stacking firewood away from structures; and trimming overhanging branches.

For more information on wildfire prevention, contact the Weiser State Forest at  570-875-6450 or the Bureau of Forestry at 717-787-2925; or visit the website and select ‘‘Find a Forest,’’ then ‘‘Wildfire.’’

Schuylkill remains under burning ban

As of press time, a ban on open burning was in effect in Schuylkill County until Sunday, May 4.

Les Brown big Band Weekend
held April 11 - 13

TOWER CITY • The eighth-annual Les Brown Big Band Weekend was held April 11-13.

The event honors the memory of a Tower City native who had gained national recognition as a bandleader, composer and arranger. Les Brown and His Band of Renown worked with Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis and other Hollywood celebrities.

Click here for complete details.

Also in this week's
Upper Dauphin Sentinel:

Road Work Begins  - Road maintenance work begins on Peters Mountain Road.
Cherry Blossom Festival - Shotgun will perform at pre-festival dance May 2 at the Millersburg American Legion.

(And much more in this week's print edition of the Upper Dauphin Sentinel)

Addresses of area
service personnel listed

The Upper Dauphin Sentinel is accepting the names and addresses of area residents who currently serve with the U.S. Armed Forces in the Middle East.

The following names and addresses are current as of press time for this week’s issue.

Bryen Foraker and Gregory Gusler have returned from overseas.

SRA Brent Hill 



APO AE 09368


1 SGT Delton Kreiser Jr. 

HHC 728th CSSB  

APO-AE 09366

Allen J. Rummel  

367 EAM XS/C-17  

APO AE 09353


Additional names and a-addresses will be published as they are received and as space permits. Photos will be published if submitted. Information on area residents awaiting deployment also will be published.

This information can be:

  • faxed to the Sentinel at 692-2420;

  • e-mailed to  or

  • brought to the Sentinel office at 510 Union St., Millersburg.

For questions, address corrections or more information, call 692-4737, extension 117.

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