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This Week's Headline News

God redeemed the tragic events of my life,
author tells audience

At its core, the story of Easter is one in which divine intervention transforms a seemingly bad situation to make it a source of hope for the future.

It’s a story that Marie Monville no doubt can relate to very well.

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Total team effort aids
area people in need

In 1974, a Minnesota resident traveled to Honduras on a medical mission trip. While there, he witnessed children being fed “mud pies’’ – a mixture of sugar, butter and dirt – because that is all the families could afford.

Troubled by what he saw, he spent the next 20 years amassing a fortune and developing nutritionally-fortified macaroni-and-cheese packets, capable of feeding a whole family for pennies on the dollar.

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Highway on mountain
to be closed for repairs

HARRISBURG • Starting next week, a major traffic artery in the Sentinel’s coverage area will be closed until Memorial Day weekend – first during the day, then around-the-clock.

Route 225 over Peters Mountain is scheduled for maintenance work starting April 21 and continuing through Friday, May 23, according to the state Department of Transportation. The road will be closed at the following intervals:

  • April 21 through Friday, May 2 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for installation of drainage pipes beneath the roadway.

  • Monday, May 5 through Friday, May 23 to stabilize a deteriorating shoulder on the mountain’s north side. The work involves removing a guide rail and strengthening an embankment.

In both cases, traffic will be detoured using Routes 22/322 and 147, according to PennDOT.

Almost 9,000 vehicles cross over the Mountain each day, the agency said.

The upcoming work is in preparation for an August repair and resurfacing project on a six-mile stretch of Route 225 beginning at its intersection with Route 325 (Clarks Valley Road), crossing the Mountain and continuing to Route 147 (River Road) in Halifax Twp.

PennDOT District 8 spokesman Greg Penny said there are two main reasons the first leg of the work is being done during the day and not at night.

‘‘Due to being on the mountainside and the tight passageway, it is safer to do the work during the day when visibility is best,’’ he said. ‘‘Secondly, access to hot asphalt would be extremely difficult – if at all available – at night. This is a small operation in terms of blacktop, hence it wouldn’t require enough material to make it worthwhile for an asphalt plant to remain open at night to supply it.’’

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Upper Dauphin Sentinel:

Easter Events  - Churches offer Holy Week services, Easter egg hunts slated.
Ned Smith Center -
Center posts slate of summer camps, bird walks, 'Springtime Serenade' and 'Crusin' theCosmos.

(And much more in this week's print edition of the Upper Dauphin Sentinel)

Addresses of area
service personnel listed

The Upper Dauphin Sentinel is accepting the names and addresses of area residents who currently serve with the U.S. Armed Forces in the Middle East.

The following names and addresses are current as of press time for this week’s issue.

Bryen Foraker and Gregory Gusler have returned from overseas.

SRA Brent Hill 



APO AE 09368


1 SGT Delton Kreiser Jr. 

HHC 728th CSSB  

APO-AE 09366

Allen J. Rummel  

367 EAM XS/C-17  

APO AE 09353


Additional names and a-addresses will be published as they are received and as space permits. Photos will be published if submitted. Information on area residents awaiting deployment also will be published.

This information can be:

  • faxed to the Sentinel at 692-2420;

  • e-mailed to  or

  • brought to the Sentinel office at 510 Union St., Millersburg.

For questions, address corrections or more information, call 692-4737, extension 117.

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