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Poems for memoriams should be written by the person submitting the memoriam. Even  a “free” poem on a website cannot be  re-published by us because of copyright laws & because we receive payment to publish it.


“Pappy” Cleon Snyder

8/31/31 – 3/14/05

Today is your birthday
Without candles and cake
And since you are not here with us
We will not celebrate

We cannot send you a card
Your hands we cannot touch
So we ask God to give a message
To the one we love so much

And grant us one wish and make it come true
Have his choir of angels sing “Happy Birthday to You.”

Miss you,



Bob Klinger

who passed away 30 years ago

August 29, 1984

We miss you.

We miss your odd whistle-hum as you walked down the alley from work.

We miss your strong sense of community and your willingness to lend a hand to anyone in need.

We miss your hands that could fix just about anything, and we smile discreetly when we repair something on our own.

We miss our times spent at the store, whether getting candy as kids or cleaning and readying the windows for the Christmas season.

We miss you at Christmas, the time of year you loved most; and of course, our favorite Santa riding high atop the truck.

We miss you at family picnics, but only need to look in the eyes of your siblings and see you there.

We miss sitting next to you on the porch in the hot summer, and shoveling snow by your side during the cold winter.

We miss watching you dance and learning the joy of having a good time.

We miss you in our everyday lives and always reminisce of moments shared with you.

We simply miss you.

Sadly missed by his family & friends


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