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Jamie Lee Daniels

September 13, 1979 – April 28, 2015

What I wouldn’t give
To not be alone
To have you on the line
When I pick up the phone

To walk with you
Or sit awhile
To make you laugh
And see your smile

To reminisce
The days gone by
Re-write the ending
So you wouldn’t die

What I wouldn’t give
For one more day
To have you back
So we could play

In the grass
Running free
Against the world
Just you and me

In a million years
Would have never guessed
Too soon it all would end
That cancer would come
And take away
My baby sister
My very best friend

But our Lord knows things
That we don’t know
Sees things
We just can’t see
So while in heaven
Rejoice with Him
And patiently wait for me.


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