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Cards of Thanks



I want to thank my sister Cathy Leah and son Mike sister Shirley and her husband for all they have done for me since the death of my grandson. I also want to thank my pastors and wives and all my church family for their visitors calling hour; most of all their prayers and cards. I want to thank all my neighbors for visits, cards and prayers.

May God bless all of you,
Marie Lenker


a very big thank you

Words are really inadequate to express our thanks and appreciation to our children Karen and Jim Fulkroad and their family and Kim and Tim Martz and their family for the lovely surprise celebration of Paulís 90th birthday and our 70th wedding anniversary, Sunday, Oct. 1 in Grace UMC Family Life Center; and to all who came to share and celebrate with us. It was very special and we cannot thank everyone enough who had any part in it. The decorations were beautiful and the food superb. God bless each of you!

Very Gratefully,
Paul & Joanne Chubb



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