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WEDDING   INVITATIONS & NAPKINS, Upper Dauphin Sentinel, 510 Union St., Millersburg. Phone 717-692-4737.


SCRATCH TABLETS, 6 for $1.00, available at the Upper Dauphin Sentinel, weekdays 8 am–4:30 pm.


FIREWOOD: Seasoned hardwood, cut to the length you specify. $80 per 8-ft. pickup load includes local delivery. 717-468-6498 or 717-692-2865.


Assorted, colorful, hand-crafted Wooden Animal Banks. Great for birthdays or baby shower gifts. $20 each plus tax. Call (Dalmatia area) 570-850-8705.


MEME’S BOUTIQUE will be closed for the summer July 5 through Aug. 16. Reopening Aug. 23, and will be open Saturdays. Feel free to call anytime 717-362-6363.


Built-to-order  CHICKEN COOPS, RABBIT HUTCHES, DOG HOUSES, SMALL BACKYARD STRUCTURES. Pick up or delivery. Call for details 717-554-1529.


CRYPT for sale at Riverview Memorial Gardens located in Halifax. Ground level, bronze plaque included. $3,500. Call 717-712-7367


Four 8” x 12’ x 1-inch thick  WHITE PINE three 10” x 12’ x 1 inch, #1 finished grade, $2.50 per foot. 717-692-4435.


One I-beam 10 in. wide x 24 feet long, three channels 81/2 in. wide x 16 ft. long, two channels 18 in. wide x 24 ft. long, twelve H beams 12 in. wide x variable lengths. Call 896-3055.


iPOD Shuffle  for sale. 717-856-2263.


For Quality and Savings, our MATTRESS Department has many, many, many different styles to choose from: Special discounts for self pick-up. KELLY’S FURNITURE SHOWROOM, Tower City PA, 717-647-9969.

7-29-14, 1T

Bamboo cleaned and will cut to any length you need 717-896-8413.


Need immediate access to PA Newspapers and their key personnel? The 2014 PA NEWS MEDIA Directory is available online: annual fee of $100 plus tax - or hard copy: $50 plus tax & shipping. Contact: or call 717-703-3069


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