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Rates and Information

General Information

Published weekly, every Tuesday.

Member Pennsylvania Newspaper Association

Paid Circulation (September 2017) 5,750

Advertising Rates
Effective April 2, 2018

If you are a new advertiser, you must pay your advertising in advance until your credit application is submitted and your credit is approved.


Display Advertising Rates:
Inches Per Month...................Per Column Inch
260 and Over.........................................$8.75

National Advertising:
To recognized national advertising agencies: $11.50 per column inch

Agency Commission:15% plus 2% by the 20th of the following month.

Political Advertising:
Cash with order at above rates.

Public Sale Auction Advertising:
Minimum two insertions: $8.00 per column inch.

To Receive Auctioneer's Rate: Sentinel Auction Form must be filled out completely and all run dates must be scheduled when ad is first placed. All auction ads must be paid within 15 days of auction.

(Note: Auction Sale Bills that are printed by Susquehanna Design & Printing will be posted on our web site  at no extra charge.)

Full Color Rates:
In addition to space rate.
FREE Full Color on Full Page Ads
Half Page Ads or larger...............Added $30.00
Less than Half-Page Ads..............Added $100.00

Display Advertising Deadline:
Thursday at noon of previous week.

If you need to see a proof of your ad, the deadline is Wednesday at 4:00 p.m., with final approval needed by Friday at noon.

Insertions or cancellations may not be accepted after the deadline has passed.

Deadlines may change due to holidays.


Classified Rates:
Per Insertion: $7.50 (20 words or less)
8˘ each additional word weekly

Display Classified: $8.15 per column inch

Service Charge on Ads with Replies Addressed c/o Sentinel: $13.00

(Note: Classified Ads printed in the Upper Dauphin Sentinel will be posted on our web site  Thursday of that same week.)

Legal Notices:
Per Word 25˘ ($6.00 Minimum

Estate Legal Notices (3 insertions): $57.00

Proofs of Publication: $7.50

Cards of Thanks: $6.25 first 20 words/8˘ each additional word

In Memoriam: $6.25 first 20 words/8˘ each additional word

Responsibility Notices (3 insertions, paid in advance): $37.50

Classified Deadline:
Usual Thursday at 4:00 p.m. Thursday, unless otherwise announced.

If you need to see a proof of your ad, please allow us more time.

Insertions or cancellations may not be accepted after the deadline has passed.

Deadlines may change due to holidays.

Classified Ads must be pre-paid by cash, check or credit card, or billed to an established advertising account.

To prepay by cash or check, please bring or mail your ad with payment to our office Monday to Friday 8:00 am. to 4:30 p.m. We also have a drop slot located on the double white doors at the back of the courtyard between the 2 wings of our building that face Union St (Route 209); you can drop your ad with payment there.

To pre-pay by credit card, please call  717-692-4737 ext. 100 to provide your credit card number, expiration date, exact name on your card, the number in your street address, zip code and telephone number of the credit card owner. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. You can also email that information to but most people prefer to call with credit card info instead of putting those numbers on an email message.

To establish an account with us, customers must complete our credit application and the application must be approved by us. Accounts will be established only for customers who advertise on a regular basis with us ($20 monthly minimum). First-time advertisers will be required to pre-pay the first ad even if you fill out our credit application.

Interest Charge [top]
A 1-1/2% interest charge will be added to all bills not paid within 20 days of date of billing.

Mechanical Measurements [top]
For Display Ads Only - For measurements for Classified Ads please call (717) 692-4737, Ext. 100)
We use standard advertising units.
1 column: 11 picas or 1.486 inches
2 columns: 22 picas or 3.139 inches
3 columns: 34 picas or 4.792 inches
4 columns: 46 picas or 6.444 inches
5 columns: 58 picas or 8.097 inches
6 columns: 69 picas or 7.75 inches

ROP Depth Requirements:
Minimum: 1 inch (14 agate inches)
Maximum: 21-1/2 inches (301 agate lines)

Pre-Printed Inserts [top]
Pre-prints required for guaranteed distribution: 5,800. Saturation only, no zoning.

Pre-prints may be imprinted as follows: Advertising Supplement to the Upper Dauphin Sentinel. Date not required but desirable.

Pre-prints do not count in meeting space requirements for monthly display advertising discount.

Important! Pre-print material must be delivered pre-paid, at least 10 days prior to insertion date to the Sentinel office, 510 Union Street, P.O. Box 250, Millersburg, PA 17061-0250.

Insert Prices:
Up to and including:
8 tab/4 standard pages:     $620
16 tab/8 standard pages:   $645
20 tab/10 standard pages: $685
24 tab/12 standard pages: $725
28 tab/14 standard pages: $750
32 tab/16 standard pages: $790

Note: If inserts are pre-printed by the Upper Dauphin Sentinel, you may take a $50.00 discount on insertion charge. Large inserts should be half folded.

General Policy [top]
Advertising in the Upper Dauphin Sentinel is accepted under the following conditions:

If you are a new advertiser, you must pay your advertising in advance until your credit application is submitted and your credit approved.

We cannot accept display advertising that is less than 1 column inch.

We will not accept advertising for alcoholic or tobacco products, x-rated movies or gambling, including state lotteries.

Double trucks (including gutter) charged as 13 columns.

We cannot accept ads of extremely unusual makeup, such as advertisements running upside down. At minimum, your company's logo must run right side up.

If you use news style headings on advertisements, your advertisement must be marked Advertisement.

Advertisers and advertising agencies will indemnify and hold harmless the Upper Dauphin Sentinel, its officers, agents, employees, and contractors for all contents supplied to the publisher, including text, representations, illustration of advertisements printing and for any claims arising from the contents, including, but not limited to, defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, and plagiarism.

The position of advertisements in the Upper Dauphin Sentinel is neither sold nor guaranteed. For this reason, we cannot accept orders on a position or omit basis. However, every attempt will be made to honor position requests.

If any tax is imposed on newspaper advertising, you should understand that such a tax will be added to the rates set forth in the brochure.

We reserve the right to edit, reject, or cancel any advertisement at any time.

A charge of $30 per hour will be made for customer alterations and for completed advertisements or Spec Ads which have not been ordered published by the customer within 30 days of its completion.

The publisher will not be responsible for purely typographical errors or misprints beyond cancellation of the charge for the space actually occupied by the item in which the error was made, nor will the publisher be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion.

We will not be liable for omitted copy or merchandise incorrectly priced through error, nor will we be liable when goods are sold at the incorrect price.

We reserve the right to amend the terms, conditions, and rates specified in this brochure with 30 days written notice.

If you are a new advertiser, you must pay your advertising in advance until your credit application is submitted and your credit is approved.

If your advertising payment is one month behind, we will cancel your advertising on the 15th day of the billing month until your bill is paid.

Advertising copy must be legible.

Special Services
We provide tear sheets and duplicate billing when necessary for your co-op advertising claims.

All ads are due by Friday at noon. If you wish to see a proof of your ad, we must receive your information by Wednesday at 4:00 PM, and have final approval by Friday at noon.

E-mails (to another company) of Completed Ads... $0.40 per column inch.

For more information on advertising your business or specials call (717) 692-4737

Sue ext. 113, or 
Matt ext. 120, or  
Classifieds ext. 100
Toll Free: 1-800-959-2715
Fax: (717) 692-2420